My New Crush


Awake early again, on a Saturday morning. In my pre-dawn haze, waiting hopefully for sleep to return, I knew it was useless. Words were dancing on the walls of my brain. Different sizes, different colors. Too brightly lit for sleep to return. It wouldn’t be back. Frustrating this time, because the words weren’t the content of some story of my family, some message I wanted to share or some ache I needed to get off my chest and out of my heart. Not this time. They were words about my new crush, my love, my obsession. Writing. The process of writing. Just the idea of it captivates me! And just like a new crush, I want to spend as much time with it as I can…I research it, I want to know it. Completely. I wake up thinking about it and it makes my heart stir. Yet, at the same time I’m afraid.

What if the words and the stories stop showing up? What if the passion fades and goes the way of so many crushes, with one party longing for more and the other slipping away? Stay in the moment, Cheryl. Enjoy the now. Time will tell if this is the real thing.


What's fluttering through your mind?

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