Discovering a Whole New World, Just Outside My Back Door

Her bright orange petals were tucked in, close to her body, like a cape ready to unfurl. She stood tall and proud. A single, regal-looking California Poppy, mostly protected from the warm, late spring sunshine. She may well have been striving to be the last poppy standing, and I think she might make it! She … More Discovering a Whole New World, Just Outside My Back Door

Running with Skunks

The cutest little skunk joined us on our run today. Actually, I think we joined HIM on HIS run because we caught up as he moved (quite quickly for the short-legged guy) near the curb, against traffic, in what is normally my assigned running position. We live in a well-developed area, but you never know … More Running with Skunks

Scar Sisters

A couple of years ago, while running the Whiskey Flat Trail Run in the mountains near the Kern River, I took my first (please let it be my last) serious fall while running. Like it tends to do during a fall, time slowed down and I felt like I was watching from above. I can … More Scar Sisters