Dinner for 3 at 5

The tiny, baby blue Datsun sedan pulled into the driveway at 5:00 every weeknight, like clock work, setting into motion a flurry of activity. The table would be set, then came serving up the pork chops and fried potatoes or some other comfort food that Mom knew Daddy would appreciate after a long day in … More Dinner for 3 at 5

Empty Nest Dry Run

As we watched Zack and his friends last night enjoying their final high school formal festivities, it’s just one more reminder that Darren and I will soon be empty nesters. We are closing in on the end of our eighth and final year of high school shenanigans with our boys. Like all the other parents … More Empty Nest Dry Run

My Boys to Men

Number Two has a pokey sort of growth, a two-day beard covering his jaws. The mustache could really be a mustache if he worked on it. Early morning glasses and puffy eyes. Upper lip still poking out just a bit past the lower; something only his mother would notice. Sweet boy is so much like … More My Boys to Men