The Present

I like to think of the world as a huge and perfectly-directed orchestra with God as the conductor, guiding each of us through His masterpiece. He reminds us when it’s time to come in, when it’s time to boldly crescendo, when it’s time to fade into a soft pianissimo, and when it’s time to simply … More The Present

Disappointment Has Revealed the True Desires of My Heart

My past few years have been full of beautiful times and blessings…and also the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced. During that time I’ve learned something quite interesting: I now believe trials and disappointment just might be the fastest (albeit bumpiest) path to clarifying what matters most to me. Hard times have proven to be the … More Disappointment Has Revealed the True Desires of My Heart

Wild Hope

New Year’s Eve for our family is usually a pretty low-key affair. This year Darren and I enjoyed an early dinner with a couple of friends then a movie, planning to be home early, then to watch the ball drop. It seemed to be a plan for a perfect evening. That is until our chosen … More Wild Hope