College graduation and the true measure of success: Is it “who you are” or “what you will be”?

Jake graduation family photo

Three Scott family celebrations collided this weekend, creating a crazy combination of chaos, reminiscence, and pure joy.  It all started with our Jake’s 24th birthday dinner on Friday, a weekend of fun, food, and a little drink with friends and family.  It all culminated today with Jake’s master’s degree graduation ceremony and his dad’s Father’s Day, all rolled up in one.

As my hubby Darren dozes on the couch, and Jake and his younger brother Zack are elsewhere (recovering from the weekend on their own), I’m left to think back on some of the milestones that led to this special Grad and Dad weekend…

Two weeks overdue, and after 24 hours of labor, Jake finally exited the “rumpus womb” and made his debut on June 16, 1993.

“Looks like you have a redhead!” Dr. Owens exclaimed.  Huh?

I’m not sure how we were surprised (I come from a long line of redheads) but we weren’t expecting to have our own copper top, especially one with brown eyes!  Jake has continued to surprise us ever since.  Between his exhibitions of near-genius proportion, his thirst for knowledge and understanding, and his overall loveable personality, Jake has made life interesting.

  • At just 11-days-old, Jake rolled over on his blanket on the living room floor. [Maybe he’ll be a world-class wrestler?]
  • When he was two years old, Jake mastered his wooden puzzle of the United States. New England?  No problem! [Maybe he’ll be an engineer?]
  • Jake’s three’s were, indeed, more terrible than the two’s…but when little brother Zack came along, Jake became (and continues to be) Big Brother Extraordinaire. [Maybe he’ll be a teacher?]
  • J and Z were a dynamic duo. Back yard antics and bed-time games like drawing pictures on each other’s backs filled our evenings…until Jake convinced us it was time for Zack to move across the hall, into his own bed.  (Sorry, Zack.)
  • Sports of all kinds, but especially baseball, kept the sidelines filled with family, cheering on Jake. Two standout moments were his JV grand slam “bomb,” and butterfly-watching at short stop during tee-ball (yelling, “Mom, I almost caught it!” when the ball rolled to his ankle as he watched the butterflies in left field).  [Maybe he’ll be a professional baseball player?]
  • Jake trained his mom how to run long distance races when he was just 13 years old. [Maybe he’ll be a personal trainer or a coach?]
  • Even more special…Jake actually ran (and still runs) races with his brother and me!
  • After six years of piano lessons, Jake started with guitar, then ukulele and mandolin, then realized how much he really does love the piano! [Maybe he’ll be a musician?]
  • During his years in college, Jake did a little coaching of track, and he discovered his love for teaching as a graduate teaching assistant. [Maybe he really will be a coach or a teacher?]

I could go on forever, but today…

…after six years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Jake has graduated with his master’s degree in Kinesiology.  A new chapter begins.

As I look ahead and think about Jake’s future, I’m realizing that it’s less about “what Jake will be,” and more about who he is and what he stands for right now.  His character, his kindness, his curiosity, and his determination are already at the core of Jake Scott, and he’s ready to launch.

Wherever that takes you, Jake, whatever you “become,” you’re already a success in our book because of who you are…right now.


3 thoughts on “College graduation and the true measure of success: Is it “who you are” or “what you will be”?

  1. Cheryl, I Love Reading Your Blogs. Thank You! You Are Enjoying Life like I Wish I could! You Are One Special Lady! And I Am Honored That You & My Cousin Got Hitched! 😃😅😂😀❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  2. I’ll be romping through your posts in the coming weeks. My daughter turned fifteen this last year and I’m looking for guidance and inspiration. What a refreshing outlook!


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