About Cheryl

I am a wife, mother, daughter and believer who puts my family first, but I take my career in economic development seriously, too.  My off-time is filled with what I call the three “R’s”:  Reading, ‘Riting and Running.  Friends and colleagues call me “The Dot Connector” because I enjoy observing people and situations, finding the common thread, then trying to knit everything together toward a solution. I’ve rediscovered my love of writing in the past year, and this affinity for studying the world around me provides an endless supply of story topics!


6 thoughts on “About Cheryl

  1. Grief, oh Lord it sits so heavy in my chest. So many of my family lost to cancer. Recently the loss of my mother and then father not to cancer… my mom’s heart gave out, dad Alzheimer’s ( something the Devil himself created) why to my father I will never know. A harder working man, loving daddy could not be. It has been just a little over 2 years for mom and I have lost 7 other family members and friends. Each day I smile, try to move forward. I believe life is a gift, I have no idea how long. You just have to appreciate the glory of each day.

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