When Your Compass Needs Adjusting, Just Run!


Jake and I went for a run in an unfamiliar place today. The San Diego morning greeted us with warm, bright, happy sunshine. Always, when we’re on vacation, we plan morning runs; sometimes we actually make those runs happen! Today we didn’t have a solid route, just a general direction: turn left here, then right on Scott Street (that’s easy)…then a little playing it by ear after that to get in at least four miles. That’s my favorite kind of run. There’s always something new to see when we’re in a different city, especially when my mind is less on working out and more on just getting out and exploring. And when my company is one of my boys, well it just doesn’t get much better.

Some of my favorite vacation spots for running have been Washington, DC…Williamsburg, VA…along Waikiki Beach then up to Diamond Head for a hike (a bit farther and tougher than we expected!)…New York City…even our own central coast. These were all runs with one or both of my boys or some of my closest friends, making the experience extra special.

Less than a mile into today’s run, we saw a sign for something I didn’t know existed: “Compass Adjusters.” I never even thought about such a service, but in an area where nautical navigation is kind of a big deal, it makes sense. It was just another one of those things that stands out on a run…another landmark you see differently when your mind is free of clutter. For me, running is often my “compass adjuster.” When my attitude needs a little calibrating, or when I just need to clear my mind and figure out where I’m going, lacing up my running shoes is often the first step toward clarity. And, an added post-holiday running bonus, it can help adjust the waistline, too! (Let’s hope, anyway!)

So tomorrow morning, the running shoes will once again be laced up, and this time Zack is coming along with Jake and me. I can’t imagine what this “compass adjustment” will bring, but I know I can’t wait to see it!


What's fluttering through your mind?

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