Wild Hope

New Year’s Eve for our family is usually a pretty low-key affair. This year Darren and I enjoyed an early dinner with a couple of friends then a movie, planning to be home early, then to watch the ball drop. It seemed to be a plan for a perfect evening. That is until our chosen … More Wild Hope

Scar Sisters

A couple of years ago, while running the Whiskey Flat Trail Run in the mountains near the Kern River, I took my first (please let it be my last) serious fall while running. Like it tends to do during a fall, time slowed down and I felt like I was watching from above. I can … More Scar Sisters

Coffee with Dad

When time got short for Mom, our talks became even more candid. Painfully so. Actually, sometimes it was really “beautifully” so. In January, with just six months left (though we didn’t know it at the time), conversations with Mom were about love and fear and the future. Not Mom’s future; she worried not about her … More Coffee with Dad