To Bend Without Breaking, Look Up


The top of our Christmas tree is doing a backbend. The crown jewel, our star, was just more than it could handle. It’s not really that big, the star, but it’s evidently too heavy for the thin neck of our tree. In fact, it’s bent so far back that it’s completely hidden; a visitor would think we hadn’t topped it at all. Time to find a sparkly ribbon that won’t be such a heavy load.

Not long after noticing the conspicuous absence of the star, I sat in traffic listening to the radio on my way to work. Mercy Me showed up, this time with a song whose tune never really appealed to me. Normally I would have changed the station to NPR, but this time I played it out and listened to the words. “I just might bend but I won’t break, as long as I can see your face.” Oh ya. I just love it when God controls the radio dial and puts into my mind exactly what I need to remember!

It’s been a rough week. Mom’s first birthday since we lost her five months ago, medical tests on not one, not two, but three immediate family members, plus other choices that can have major and long lasting effects on my life. I have surely felt the weight of it all on my little neck and shoulders, too, just like our tree and its star.

Thanks for the reminder, God. I might bend but I will not break. Not as long as I can see your face. And like the song says, “There’s gonna be brighter days.”

Yep, I think I can almost see the glow ahead.


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