Running with Skunks

The cutest little skunk joined us on our run today. Actually, I think we joined HIM on HIS run because we caught up as he moved (quite quickly for the short-legged guy) near the curb, against traffic, in what is normally my assigned running position. We live in a well-developed area, but you never know what we’ll see in the early morning hours. Our skunk friends usually waddle, swaying from side to side, traveling on what seems like no particular path. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one running, especially following our regular route. Maybe he was doing intervals like us? Run 5 minutes walk 2 minutes. I doubt it. I’m pretty sure, without Sylvia to push him like she pushes me, he was probably doing 2 and 2.

As we always do, we gave Mr. Le Pew lots of room and picked up our pace until we were in the safety zone. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s run brings!


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